Wednesday, November 19, 2008

saddness in our hearts

Today another wonderful kitty in the bloggy world went to the rainbow. It makes Mommy sad to think about Sissy's mommy's loss. What makes our mommy cry, is to know how many kitties go the journey alone. Sissy, Moki, Callie, Mr. Milky.... we all have wonderful parents to comfort us and take care of us. So many kitties and doggies just don't have that. We wish there were more parents out there to help everybody get the love that we know. When 'Nae was sick, mommy read the blogs everyday to be comforted and to try to get help for 'Nae. We see other parents doing that and feel very blessed to be part of the comunity. The auctions are wonderul! And all the support the parents give each other and ideas of what to look for when the doctor runs out of ideas - it's so much of a family of furiends. Mommy was lucky to have vacation money saved away when 'Nae got sick so we didn't need help that way but the ideas and friendship that came from Callie and Rocky's mom was fabulous. Mommy is very thankful that so many of you stopped by to say "hi" to us. She knew she had help if she needed it, anytime! ~ C.C. & 'Nae

purrs and prayers to all of you!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

little has happened...

Wow ~ it's been a long time since we got on to the computer! Not much has been happening with us except the usual everyday kitty life stuff! Mommy has been checking the mail EVERY day for our new toys from the auction... We're purring that Moki is doing ok & holding his head up. This must be such a hard time for them all at his house. We're furry glad to hear that Callie was in better health (except for allergies) and hope she continues to improve. We continue to worry about both their mommy's hearts breaking. Cancer is a great fear at our house. We lost 1 kitty that way and our mommy has been fighting the battle for almost 7 years. On an up note, we read the update about Milky. He looks so happy! Mommy will get our Halloween pictures developed this week hopefully so you can see our costumes. We didn't hand out candy, we just sat in the window and watched people go by. Today I played DOCTOR!!! Mommy was making a funny sound in her sleep so I investigateded it. First I climbed up on mommy and said "open wide". She already has a big mouth so this was not a problem for her to do. Then... I put 1 paw in and depressed her tounge, then in went my head for a closer snoop. All kids play doctor, I don't know why mommy got so mad at me. Oh, maybe it was acuz when i started she was sleeping. you know...sadated. hehehe. maybe next time i'll bring my stethascope & since so many of my kitty furiends are sick... i should go play doctor w/ them. ~ 'Nae

ps: purrs & prayers for all of you fighting the illnesses w/ sick kitties. Mommy is so truely blessed that 'Nae is doing better and gaining weight slowly. We understand how many tears fall when holding a sick fur kid when there is nothing you can do to ease the pain for them. ~ C.C.