Monday, September 29, 2008

It's been sooo long!

Wow... Mommy has been so busy she hasn't even
getted onto the computer for days. that means
neither do we. stupid password protection. Just
acuz I likes EBAY.... Anyway, GOOD NEWS!
'Nae is up to 5 lbs. The 28th was our BIRTHDAY but since 'Nae is still on special food Mommy is postponing the party until 'Nae can have birthday cake too. Mommy called the Vet and that should be in about 4 weeks. We'll wait acuz we love her. Mommy has been cross stitching and since we can't count very well she says we're not good helpers. She's so wrong. 'Nae was helping really good so mommy gave 'Nae her very own string. it's pink acuz 'Nae liked that one best. Hopefully now that mommy isn't so dizzy (I mean busy) we can keep everybody updated on how wonderful we are a little better!!! - C.C.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

another busy day!

Today was a good day for C.C. She got locked in the bathroom by Grandma accidentally cuz she hided in the bathtub. After Grandma left C.C. came out and she eated 4 rolls of toilet paper! Mommy laughed and said the bathroom looked like the Charmin plant exploded. This kinda surprised us cuz we didn't know tp grew on plants. Grandma should put that in the garden! And for me... I got to sneaks some roast beef out of mommys sandwich. Mommy had to go to the bathroom and forgot to take her sandwich with her. This left it WIDE open for me to sneaks. When she came back I was going to town! I've been on special food and nobody giveses me people food anymore so I jumped at the chance. Like our friend Jake @ the misadventures of me, I had ::SPRINGS IN MY FEET:: ~ 'Nae

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

more good news!

The vet called mommy today and 'Nae's tests came back very good. She is still pretty convinced it's nothing more than a food allergy. 'Nae goes to get her wait checked in 2 weeks again to see if she's gaining. Mommy is mad because her vet never tells her she needs to gain weight. That got me thinking. MY vet doesn't say that to me either. She says I'm a little on the big side but not bad. SHE THINKS I'M FAT - doesn't she? At least it's not as bad as Shadow - she got put on a workout plan. Mommy carries her down the driveway and she waddles back up. Actually, they both do. :) Then, mommy carries her back down the driveway and they both whine the whole way up the second time. Mommy's pain makes me giggle while I lay on the steps and watch her and Shadow feel the burn! = C.C.

Monday, September 8, 2008

LDA ??? (Laser Dot Anonymous)

Mommy decided that we need a local chapter of Laser Dot Toy Anonymous. C.C. knows where mommy keeps the toy and goes and gets it all by herself and brings it to mommy when she wants to play. Today she kept bringing the toy to mommy and we ALL played for a long time. Mommy was trying to sleep but since it doesn't take any energy to hold the button, she played with us. It was AWESOME.... C.C. spinnies in circles so fast she falls down and Shadow falled off the edge of the bed 'cuz she was bouncing around. After mommy said no more now, C.C. kept racing around looking for the dot. - SHE'S ADDICTED! Mommy had to hide the toy so C.C. couldn't get it. C.C.'s really smart though and knew where mommy put it but couldn't get the drawer open. She tried very hard though. Can't wait to play again tomorrow. - 'Nae

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mommy still loves me

Mommy gave me my very own special bowl and a whole can of stinky goodness. I was waiting by the door for her when she came home in the morning to show her I was good all night & she gave me head skritches and kisses and said "follow me". Being the good kitty I am, I did as instructed. Ya know what she did? She put a pretty pink bowl on the floor and it had stinky goodness in it. She said i could have 1 can everyday if I promised to leave 'Nae's special food alone. I raised my paw to give her my purr scouts honor (I will @ least try) that I will eat on the floor and not eat 'Nae's food. I got lots of huggles today and got to sleep w/ mommy in the bed. I would have gotted more sleep but I kept digging in the blankets cuz i kept findin' more kitty kibble. :) all naps should include a snack in bed! - C.C.

yay for Mr. Milky!

Please visit our friends @ Artsy Catsy. They are the reason we joined the Blogosphere. Mr. Milky has been having a hard time and finally caught a break (almost as good as finding his current home). Purrs and prayers to all! = The fam!

Monday, September 1, 2008

glad we don't have a woofy

I'm SSSSOOOOOO glad we don't have a woofy cuz I'd be in his house. Tonight I got up on the drawers where 'Nae's special food is and tipped them over. Food GOED EVERYWHERE. Mommy said my new name for the night is "MUD" and that I'm in the woofy house. this confused me a little cuz we don't got a woofy - that means no woofy house. right? this makes me wonder if mommy got hit in the head with the food dish when it fell down. Some stinky goodness and lots of dry food spilled onto the bed, the floor, Shadow... Oh - did I mention stinky goodness landed on mommys clean folded clothes? I was trying SO hard to be good and stay out of the way while she was cleaning it up (after she shaked her pokey finger @ me for trying to catch the paper towels) that I went and laid on the clothes. Might as well put fur back on them since the stupid dryer takes it all off right? Anyway... Mommy came over to pet me and tell me she would forgive me by morning if I minded my peas and cues. (again I am confused so I just stare @ her) That's when she spotted it - it didn't help that i had some on my nose when i stretched up to kiss her. Oops. It seems I smoosheded it in to the shirts. now mommy has to do laundry again. If anyone talks to mommy, please tell her you read my bloggy & that I'm VERY VERY VERY sorry.*burp* - C.C.
back to finishing cleaning up the dry food.

ALOHA & good news

Since I lost so much of my weight I can fit in my hula outfit again. Cute huh? It even has a seashell bra. GUESS WHAT? we learneded how to put the pictures with our posties so now you don't have to scroll down to see how cute we are. (feel free to scroll for more pics if you want though). that's all. Oh - nope... 1 more thing. The new food I get to eat is pretty good. I havn't gotten the stinky goodness kind yet but I really like the dry food and the special kitty yummies. It's very expensive so everybody else still gets the same old food. I'm a special kitty!!!! you should see the dance that goes with the song titled "I'm a special kitty." It's great & even better in my hula skirt! - 'Nae