Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mommy still loves me

Mommy gave me my very own special bowl and a whole can of stinky goodness. I was waiting by the door for her when she came home in the morning to show her I was good all night & she gave me head skritches and kisses and said "follow me". Being the good kitty I am, I did as instructed. Ya know what she did? She put a pretty pink bowl on the floor and it had stinky goodness in it. She said i could have 1 can everyday if I promised to leave 'Nae's special food alone. I raised my paw to give her my purr scouts honor (I will @ least try) that I will eat on the floor and not eat 'Nae's food. I got lots of huggles today and got to sleep w/ mommy in the bed. I would have gotted more sleep but I kept digging in the blankets cuz i kept findin' more kitty kibble. :) all naps should include a snack in bed! - C.C.

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HotMBC said...

Yep, all naps should include a snack in bed for sure.