Monday, September 1, 2008

ALOHA & good news

Since I lost so much of my weight I can fit in my hula outfit again. Cute huh? It even has a seashell bra. GUESS WHAT? we learneded how to put the pictures with our posties so now you don't have to scroll down to see how cute we are. (feel free to scroll for more pics if you want though). that's all. Oh - nope... 1 more thing. The new food I get to eat is pretty good. I havn't gotten the stinky goodness kind yet but I really like the dry food and the special kitty yummies. It's very expensive so everybody else still gets the same old food. I'm a special kitty!!!! you should see the dance that goes with the song titled "I'm a special kitty." It's great & even better in my hula skirt! - 'Nae

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