Friday, October 23, 2009

Our important jobs!!!

Mommy has been very busy @ work. She works long hours and only comes home for a little bit for a nap. C.C. has the very important job of cuddling mommy to sleep. She snuggles in tight and starts to purr as hard as she can. I usually lay on mommy's arm. This puts mommy to sleep in no time. My job is to be the 'larm clock wif no snooze button. When mommy's clock makes noise, I come in and lay down on her. When it makes noise again, I start dancing. Tonight, mommy slept through the 'larm. My dancing didn't work so I got C.C. to come jump on her. That worked. We had mommy up and out of bed only 10 minutes after her 'larm clock yelled at her. Mommy is very lucky we don't have snoozers and that we take our job very seriously.
Proudly, 'Nae & C.C.