Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New game at our house!!!

Mommy bought a kids bowling set really cheap... Can you see where this is going? Mommy and Grandpa set up the pins in the living room and use the lazer pointer to shine on the pins. It's hard to get only 1 kitty to "bowl" at a time but C.C. is very good at making a strike!!! 'Nae has to work at it a little acuz she's kinda small. It's very very fun!!! If mommy didn't laugh so hard, she could maybe hold a camera. We'll try to remind her next time we're playing Kitty Bowl!

C.C. & 'Nae

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ka-bob's are magic!!!

'Nae weighed in @ 4.7 lbs on friday!!! No set back from her experiment w/ banana bread and the ka-bobs added the ounces!!! We're now slowing down the b-12 shot to everyother week and continuing the prednisone. Things are looking great!!! Grandma fired up the grill for grandpa's birthday, so everybody had grilled fish! Needless to say there was a little restlessness on the patio while we were waiting. It was a great day to celebrate and stuff the kitties!!!


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Great holiday weekend!!!

We had our check up. C.C. is down to 15 1/2 pounds, Izzy is down to 9 pounds. Shadow is up to 21 and last but not least - 'Nae holding strong @ 4 1/2 pounds. Dr. Vogel and her helpers laugh at the difference between 'Nae and her sisters. Izzy is the mother to 2 big babies and a pip squeek. Grandma got the grill going and we're nommin' on ka-bobs ~ chicken and pork. There are left overs so we'll be happy for a few days. Mommy brought home some banana bread and 'Nae ate through the plastic bag to get into it. She's kinda in trouble for that. Mommy tried to put her in the corner. Yep - a nanosecond time out. Hopefully she didn't get enough in her few tiny bites to cause a back slide. Sunday it thundered so we all hung out in Mommy's bed and watched movies. C.C. spent the night in grandma and grandpa's bed acuz she is scared of thunder. 'Nae yelled at it but it just wouldn't listen to her. So, that was our weekend. Hope yours was fun and filling too!!!

C.C. & 'Nae