Friday, August 29, 2008

Little update on 'Nae

We did get to lick some frosting off mommys cake!!! It was great timing because 'Nae had her ultrasound on Wednesday to see why she is so little. (she had to have her tummy shaved ~ she looks so naked now.) Everything all and all looked good but it looks like 'Nae maybe has a food allergy. That means special diet for ALL of us. No more human food for 'Nae and new perscription food for everybody, since it's hard to keep us out of each others dishes. The good news is that the new food we will be eating comes in stinky goodness form. that will ease the pain of this a little for us. We eat dry food mostly but STINKY GOODNESS ROCKS!!!!! we couldn't stand the thought of having to give that up now... even if it was for 'Nae's benefit. So, that's what's new in our world. = C.C.

Monday, August 25, 2008


Today is Mommy's birthday. Ya know what we did? We talked Grandma and Grandpa into taking us to her work and we put up signs and brought her flowers and cake and cards. 'Nae chewed the flowers but Grandma wouldn't let her into the cakes even though she cried. Grandma can totally see through it! Mommy called when she got to work to thank all of us and we sang Happy Birthday to her. We wanted to get a special gift for her but we spended our allowance already. Maybe C.C. will give Mommy breakfast in bed. HEHEHE! = the Kids

Friday, August 22, 2008

Great day to nap

Today was a quiet day. It rained so we couldn't go outside and play in the garden with mommy. We ate breakfast a little late and curled up with Mommy in bed most of the day. We watched Over the Hedge and snuggled on the pillows. We got vanilla pudding for lunch with our shrimp stinky goodness... what a great day!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

We're selling Mommy on EBAY - CHEAP!!!!

So.... I have decided to sell mommy on EBAY. 2 cans of stinky goodness and she can be yours. But wait.... if you act now, I'll throw in Grandma for free! Mommy decided it would be funny to dress me up in footie jammies. She doesn't seem to see my fur jammies!!!! What's worse is that she decided since i look so chubby (she means CUTE) in them that she had grandma hold me like that until she got the camera. I told 'Nae I was selling them both on EBAY & she asked who would open our stinky goodness 3 times a day. I said we still have Grandpa. And when Grandpa has to work we can use an electric can opener. (also available on EBAY). She seemed ok with the idea, so, Mommy's for sale! - C.C.
scroll down to see how CUTE (not chubby) I look in pj's.

Monday, August 18, 2008

what a warm welcome!!!!

Thank you all for making us feel all soft and squishy inside. You know - the kinda happy like when you sit on a hamster! (no offense to our new friend brownie). The food war continues and Mommy is LOOSING (the war and her mind). Last night we were havin' dinner and our sister Shadow went all kung fu on the plate that her food was on. the salmon stinky goodness hit the wall, the tv and 'Nae in the head. C.C. was nice enough to help clean me up. Anyway, Shadow didn't help so much. Mommy got out the paper towels and C.C. went kitty crack nuts!!!! Before Mom was done wiping the wall C.C. had tackled the paper towel roll. ANOTHER mess mommy had to clean up. Mommy really should think about the way she does things... we're almost 3 and still don't have her smarted up enough to handle us all together. (sidenote: this alone makes us proud that we outsmarts Mommy) She said her To Do list today includes plastic wrapping her bed and filing out a lost and found report for her mind. We're not gunna tell her we hid with the rest of our toys. It's more fun fer us to make her look fer her sanity!!!!! Thanks again to all of you for stopping by to meet us! = The Kids

Saturday, August 16, 2008

we share nicely

Today I was trying to eat my lunch and C.C. kept getting in my bowl. It's very imprtant that I get lots of food to gain weight so Mommy put it up on her bed to keep my sister out of MY bowl. After I was all done there was some left and Mommy left on the bed in case I came back. C.C. got up on Mommy's bed and started eating. Mommy was asleep so she didn't really care who was in the bowl. C.C. wanted to teach Mommy the importance of SHARING so she put her paw in the food (wet food - ocean fish & shrimp) then put it in Mommy's open mouth!!! Mommy woke up with a not so happy sound. She said things that she is very glad her almost 3 year olds can't repeat. C.C. was just sharing nicely as all family members should. I don't see what the big deal is since we lick food off Mommys finger all the time. Mommy called C.C. "monkey" most of the day since monkey see - monkey do! As for me... I just laughed then rolled over and went back to sleep. That will teach mommy to sleep with her mouth open. :) - 'Nae

A little more about us...

We'll be 3 years old September 28th. We live with our birth Mom Isabella, our Uncle Winston, 1 more sister - Shadow, Mommy, Grandma & Grandpa. We came as a suprise in 2005. Our Grandma adopted our real mom and we came along for the ride. No-one knew we were there until everybody fell in love with Isabella. Uncle Winston already lived in our house and,well, once our humans saw us.... it was love at first sight. We're a very busy troop as you will get to see. We've made up games and songs to keep ourselves entertained. Our mommy is hoping you'll fall in love with our cuteness just like she did. We're VERY new to blogging so please be patient with us as we get better!!! HERE WE GO INTO THE BLOGGING WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we're sorry we're late!!!

Our mommy just removed the parental control on her computer. Today starting a new kitty blog.... tomorrow, EBAY!
after that a nap. maybe spelling lessons too.