Monday, April 27, 2009

I'm so happy!

Today Grandma took the last roll of tiolet paper out of the plastic thingy. I hurried in there!!! I love pretending I'm Charmin. I'm squeezably soft. Mommy said I could play with it for a few days before it has to go in the garbage. Now everytime someone goes into the bathroom I head straight for the toilet paper bag. Usually I head for the air blowy thing on the wall or into the sink or bathtub. I really love all the fun things in the bathroom!!! ~~ C.C.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Nothing really too much....

Easter Bunny was very good to us. We got forever Peeps. They are little stuffed bunnies. Mommy got the nip-spray out so we are playing with them ALOT. We also got new bubbles. They smell like nip too. We've been outside playing with the bubbles in the front yard. It's been beautiful here. It's in the 60's. SPRING IS HERE!!! The flower bed is all dry now so grandma will be planting soon. We hope she plants kitty grass and nip plants. Mommy and Grandma are getting ready to help spring kitties find homes w/ Camp Companion. They get to paint faces. Why paint kitties faces, we wonder? KITTIES ARE ALWAYS CUTE - just as they are!!! Mommy is kinda excited to see all the new babies. Her moewilogical clock is ticking. In other news... 'Nae ate her pink stringy, so mommy has been watching her poop to see if she can get it back. I think Mommy should just give 'Nae a new stringy but mommy said NO MORE stringies. 'Nae is now chasing q-tips again when she's not playing with our Peeps. That's about it. Not much new in our world outside of the everyday wierd. Hope everybuddy else is good too!!!
~ C.C.