Tuesday, December 23, 2008

We met Santa!!!

We met Santa this weekend at PetSmart. He asked if we've been good and we just stared. Is he fur real??? We're 3. Terrible 2's are not far behind us. AND, We're KITTIES!!!! Does Santa not know what that means? We try SO hard to be good all year but just when it counts to get onto the naughty and nice list Mommy puts up a big green climby toy with shiney things and little toys on it. Don't even get us started about what's UNDER the new climby toy. And Santa wants to know if we've been good?!?!? That's a loaded question. We're good at finding trouble, we're good at giving snuggles, we're very good at begging for food. Yep, Santa.... We've been good. ~ C.C., 'Nae & Shadow

Monday, December 8, 2008

we got mail!!!

it came! it came! it came! the first part of our auction winning came. We got a big giant box filled with paper and bubble wrap and catnip & a catnip mousie!!!!!! OH we're excited!!! mommy said she is excited about the sony loud thing but we don't understand why. Not like we can pop it or play in it. mommy just doesn't know what's fun about getting mail. We're hoping the other part with the cards from ARTSY CATSY comes before Christmas because we want to send those to our furiends. Anyway, thanks to ML & KC for the big bag of catnip. We're on cloud 9 lives. mommy put some catnip in the box and closed it back up & we had to try to get it and we did so she closed the box up again and we got in again and this game went on until mommy had to go to sleep and put the box in the closet and shut the door. there is catnip in the closet and we're don't have thumbs to open the door. we got a problem!!! at least mommy left the mousie out so we clould play with that. ~ C.C. & 'Nae (& family)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

we got new toys

Mommy has been working with Camp Companion the last few days trying to find kitties furever homes before Christmas. She has been spending LOTS of time at PetSmart near all the kitty toys. Guess what!!! She bringed some home! toys - not kitties. Mommy smells like other kitties when she comes home but she told us we're her favorites. She snuggles us so tight and tells us how happy she is that we're her furever kids. Mommy says it's fun to meet the other kitties and play with them but we know they can't be better than us acuz she always comes home to us. We feel bad for the kitties at PetSmart. They have to live in cages and they only get to play and cuddle sometimes. Mommy says they have beds and toys but not enough to go around. And for people... there's never enough to go around for all the kitties. Mommy says they are all so sweet and friendly, she hopes they get homes or moneys for new toys for Christmas. The kitties she is helping don't even have a Christmas tree with presents to play with. Can you imagine how sad they must be? = C.C. & 'Nae

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

saddness in our hearts

Today another wonderful kitty in the bloggy world went to the rainbow. It makes Mommy sad to think about Sissy's mommy's loss. What makes our mommy cry, is to know how many kitties go the journey alone. Sissy, Moki, Callie, Mr. Milky.... we all have wonderful parents to comfort us and take care of us. So many kitties and doggies just don't have that. We wish there were more parents out there to help everybody get the love that we know. When 'Nae was sick, mommy read the blogs everyday to be comforted and to try to get help for 'Nae. We see other parents doing that and feel very blessed to be part of the comunity. The auctions are wonderul! And all the support the parents give each other and ideas of what to look for when the doctor runs out of ideas - it's so much of a family of furiends. Mommy was lucky to have vacation money saved away when 'Nae got sick so we didn't need help that way but the ideas and friendship that came from Callie and Rocky's mom was fabulous. Mommy is very thankful that so many of you stopped by to say "hi" to us. She knew she had help if she needed it, anytime! ~ C.C. & 'Nae

purrs and prayers to all of you!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

little has happened...

Wow ~ it's been a long time since we got on to the computer! Not much has been happening with us except the usual everyday kitty life stuff! Mommy has been checking the mail EVERY day for our new toys from the auction... We're purring that Moki is doing ok & holding his head up. This must be such a hard time for them all at his house. We're furry glad to hear that Callie was in better health (except for allergies) and hope she continues to improve. We continue to worry about both their mommy's hearts breaking. Cancer is a great fear at our house. We lost 1 kitty that way and our mommy has been fighting the battle for almost 7 years. On an up note, we read the update about Milky. He looks so happy! Mommy will get our Halloween pictures developed this week hopefully so you can see our costumes. We didn't hand out candy, we just sat in the window and watched people go by. Today I played DOCTOR!!! Mommy was making a funny sound in her sleep so I investigateded it. First I climbed up on mommy and said "open wide". She already has a big mouth so this was not a problem for her to do. Then... I put 1 paw in and depressed her tounge, then in went my head for a closer snoop. All kids play doctor, I don't know why mommy got so mad at me. Oh, maybe it was acuz when i started she was sleeping. you know...sadated. hehehe. maybe next time i'll bring my stethascope & since so many of my kitty furiends are sick... i should go play doctor w/ them. ~ 'Nae

ps: purrs & prayers for all of you fighting the illnesses w/ sick kitties. Mommy is so truely blessed that 'Nae is doing better and gaining weight slowly. We understand how many tears fall when holding a sick fur kid when there is nothing you can do to ease the pain for them. ~ C.C.

Friday, October 31, 2008

typical day for us!

We had snow this week so we've been haning out by the windows waiting for more. the leaves blow by and that's kinda neat. Mommy let us go outside and play today since it was nice and warm. She said we won't get many more days like today. Does outside go away when it snows? sometimes it looks like it but it always comes back. Right? Mommy was cross stitching again today and after 'Nae was done playing with the stringy she laid down on mommy's lap. Mommy kept telling her to stop fluffing. (girls don't fart... we fluff. WE'RE FLUFFY!!!) anyway, I tried to tell mommy that 'Nae was just blowing stinky kisses out of love. Mommy didn't understand me. Don't they listen to us kitties???? we speak VERY CLEARLY. Mommy finally took 'Nae to the litter box to see if she'd poop. Mommy should know - we can't make rainbows on demand. mommy stood there staring at 'Nae. 'Nae stared at mommy. I swiffed around the box. Nothing. 'Nae got out and no sooner did mommy leave the room. 'Nae pooped... in mommy's shoe. can't make a horse drink... can't make a kitty poop while you're watching. = C.C.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

victims of our own cuteness!!!!

it's official...we're hiding! Mommy is so in love wif our cuteness that we've had to find new spots to hide. Me, I hide in the lamp. Mommy will never find me here & C.C., she is hidin' in the stuffed animal basket. I told her it was a bad idea since Mommy already thinks we're toys. She says we're soft and squishy just like stuffed animals so we must be. she said something about walkin' like a duck. We just stare at her acuz it confusies us. we don't quack & waddle. Shadow waddles... maybe she's a duck. we'll hafta look it up in the interwebs. any suggestions for mommy-proof hiding spots is warmly welcomed! thanks furiends. = 'Nae

Thursday, October 16, 2008

OTD...obsessive TUMMY disorder

Does anyone else in the blogosphere have a mommy with OTD??? everytime she walks past us she just gotta love on our tummies. Today, I was napping with mommy and she fell asleep rubbin' my tummy. (i fell asleep, too, because of tummy rubs but that's not the point) And when I got up to go get a snack and drink of water, what did ask me? "going to fill your tummy?" then I came back and she said "now you have a full tummy. go night night." And poor 'Nae... Mommy is always holdin' her like a tiny sticky person and rubbin' her tummy. It's gotted to when Mommy walks near us we HASTA roll over so she can pet our tummies. We think she'd cry if we didn't do this for her. Mommy has ISSUES!!!! does anyone have suggestions on how to not be her enabler? - C.C.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Mommy is thankful for us!

today mommy had to help her friend try to give medicine to her cat. Mommy got what she calls a vampire kiss. You should see mommy's arm. it's an icky bitey. Mommy came home and gived us kitty yummies and lots more loven than normal. she said she is SO thankful that we are cooperative about medicine. (SIDENOTE: we appologize to all kitties everywhere 'bout this. we know we should at least fight a little.) Mommy is really gentile with us and huggles us in a blankie and pets us when she gives us medicines. sometimes we even give her eye kisses. you know, those long blinks that say i love you mommy. & she gives them back! Since mommy always huggles us in blankies and holds us like small sticky things we are used to it so we don't think it's scary. Poor Dolly. (that's the other sick kitty) she got so scared. we wish she knew mommy like we do. ON AN UP NOTE!!!! we figured out the translation page for Brownie's bloggy... he's really something neat & he has new pictures with a woofy. Still no update on Mr. Milky @ Artsy Catsy so keep purring. LATER EVERYBODY = C.C. & 'Nae

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

thanks fur helpin' us - we got it!

LOOKY WHAT KATIEZ KATZ GIVS TO US!!!! yep... it's our very first award!!!! we're feeling all warm and fuzzy inside like when you sit on a hamster. (no offense Brownie) Speaking of Brownie... you all have to go to his bloggy page. He has furry fun tunes. 'Nae loves the hamster dance song. You should have seen her tail swaying to the music. it's a wonderfull song. and and and Brownie has a song that mommy sings to us on there too. it's the "Fival song". you know, from American Tail. (Mommy said the title is Somewhere out There)... also please keep your paws crossed for Milky. It sounds like it won't be too much longer until he has a furever home right near Artsy Catsy where he wants to be. Lucky for his foster mommy he'll still be close and lucky for Rocky and the rest of them not too close (in the livin' room). not much happened in our world today essept we GOT OUR FIRST BLOGGY AWARD!!! it's wonderful Katz. THNKS. - C.C. & 'Nae

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

please help... we're confusied!

Katie and da Katz got us a prize for our bloggie but we don't know how to get it. please help us not feel like our mom feels when she's awake.

THANK YOUS! = C.C. & 'Nae


First of all, thank you all so much for the warm greetings.
We are looking furward to visiting each of you!!! Second, Grandma and Grandpa got a treadmill. So far we're the only ones to use it. Shadow spends lots of time on it and as you can see... she needs it. She is feeling the burn!!!!! hahahaha Mommy thinks it's furry funny that Shadow doesn't know that it has to be turned on for it to work. (mommy doesn't turn it on either - she just looks at it) Does NIKE make running shoes for kitties? we'll have to look into that. Threed, Mommy bought grandma and grandpa a new bed with a pillow top on Sunday and on Monday we ALL tested it to make sure it was ok for them. It passed our inspekshun. It has this neet thingy that makes it all warm were our bodies go. IT'S WONDERFUL. so again, thanks fur your "hi's" & we'll be by soon to say hi to you!!! = C.C. & 'Nae!

Monday, September 29, 2008

It's been sooo long!

Wow... Mommy has been so busy she hasn't even
getted onto the computer for days. that means
neither do we. stupid password protection. Just
acuz I likes EBAY.... Anyway, GOOD NEWS!
'Nae is up to 5 lbs. The 28th was our BIRTHDAY but since 'Nae is still on special food Mommy is postponing the party until 'Nae can have birthday cake too. Mommy called the Vet and that should be in about 4 weeks. We'll wait acuz we love her. Mommy has been cross stitching and since we can't count very well she says we're not good helpers. She's so wrong. 'Nae was helping really good so mommy gave 'Nae her very own string. it's pink acuz 'Nae liked that one best. Hopefully now that mommy isn't so dizzy (I mean busy) we can keep everybody updated on how wonderful we are a little better!!! - C.C.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

another busy day!

Today was a good day for C.C. She got locked in the bathroom by Grandma accidentally cuz she hided in the bathtub. After Grandma left C.C. came out and she eated 4 rolls of toilet paper! Mommy laughed and said the bathroom looked like the Charmin plant exploded. This kinda surprised us cuz we didn't know tp grew on plants. Grandma should put that in the garden! And for me... I got to sneaks some roast beef out of mommys sandwich. Mommy had to go to the bathroom and forgot to take her sandwich with her. This left it WIDE open for me to sneaks. When she came back I was going to town! I've been on special food and nobody giveses me people food anymore so I jumped at the chance. Like our friend Jake @ the misadventures of me, I had ::SPRINGS IN MY FEET:: ~ 'Nae

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

more good news!

The vet called mommy today and 'Nae's tests came back very good. She is still pretty convinced it's nothing more than a food allergy. 'Nae goes to get her wait checked in 2 weeks again to see if she's gaining. Mommy is mad because her vet never tells her she needs to gain weight. That got me thinking. MY vet doesn't say that to me either. She says I'm a little on the big side but not bad. SHE THINKS I'M FAT - doesn't she? At least it's not as bad as Shadow - she got put on a workout plan. Mommy carries her down the driveway and she waddles back up. Actually, they both do. :) Then, mommy carries her back down the driveway and they both whine the whole way up the second time. Mommy's pain makes me giggle while I lay on the steps and watch her and Shadow feel the burn! = C.C.

Monday, September 8, 2008

LDA ??? (Laser Dot Anonymous)

Mommy decided that we need a local chapter of Laser Dot Toy Anonymous. C.C. knows where mommy keeps the toy and goes and gets it all by herself and brings it to mommy when she wants to play. Today she kept bringing the toy to mommy and we ALL played for a long time. Mommy was trying to sleep but since it doesn't take any energy to hold the button, she played with us. It was AWESOME.... C.C. spinnies in circles so fast she falls down and Shadow falled off the edge of the bed 'cuz she was bouncing around. After mommy said no more now, C.C. kept racing around looking for the dot. - SHE'S ADDICTED! Mommy had to hide the toy so C.C. couldn't get it. C.C.'s really smart though and knew where mommy put it but couldn't get the drawer open. She tried very hard though. Can't wait to play again tomorrow. - 'Nae

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mommy still loves me

Mommy gave me my very own special bowl and a whole can of stinky goodness. I was waiting by the door for her when she came home in the morning to show her I was good all night & she gave me head skritches and kisses and said "follow me". Being the good kitty I am, I did as instructed. Ya know what she did? She put a pretty pink bowl on the floor and it had stinky goodness in it. She said i could have 1 can everyday if I promised to leave 'Nae's special food alone. I raised my paw to give her my purr scouts honor (I will @ least try) that I will eat on the floor and not eat 'Nae's food. I got lots of huggles today and got to sleep w/ mommy in the bed. I would have gotted more sleep but I kept digging in the blankets cuz i kept findin' more kitty kibble. :) all naps should include a snack in bed! - C.C.

yay for Mr. Milky!

Please visit our friends @ Artsy Catsy. They are the reason we joined the Blogosphere. Mr. Milky has been having a hard time and finally caught a break (almost as good as finding his current home). Purrs and prayers to all! = The fam!

Monday, September 1, 2008

glad we don't have a woofy

I'm SSSSOOOOOO glad we don't have a woofy cuz I'd be in his house. Tonight I got up on the drawers where 'Nae's special food is and tipped them over. Food GOED EVERYWHERE. Mommy said my new name for the night is "MUD" and that I'm in the woofy house. this confused me a little cuz we don't got a woofy - that means no woofy house. right? this makes me wonder if mommy got hit in the head with the food dish when it fell down. Some stinky goodness and lots of dry food spilled onto the bed, the floor, Shadow... Oh - did I mention stinky goodness landed on mommys clean folded clothes? I was trying SO hard to be good and stay out of the way while she was cleaning it up (after she shaked her pokey finger @ me for trying to catch the paper towels) that I went and laid on the clothes. Might as well put fur back on them since the stupid dryer takes it all off right? Anyway... Mommy came over to pet me and tell me she would forgive me by morning if I minded my peas and cues. (again I am confused so I just stare @ her) That's when she spotted it - it didn't help that i had some on my nose when i stretched up to kiss her. Oops. It seems I smoosheded it in to the shirts. now mommy has to do laundry again. If anyone talks to mommy, please tell her you read my bloggy & that I'm VERY VERY VERY sorry.*burp* - C.C.
back to finishing cleaning up the dry food.

ALOHA & good news

Since I lost so much of my weight I can fit in my hula outfit again. Cute huh? It even has a seashell bra. GUESS WHAT? we learneded how to put the pictures with our posties so now you don't have to scroll down to see how cute we are. (feel free to scroll for more pics if you want though). that's all. Oh - nope... 1 more thing. The new food I get to eat is pretty good. I havn't gotten the stinky goodness kind yet but I really like the dry food and the special kitty yummies. It's very expensive so everybody else still gets the same old food. I'm a special kitty!!!! you should see the dance that goes with the song titled "I'm a special kitty." It's great & even better in my hula skirt! - 'Nae

Friday, August 29, 2008

Little update on 'Nae

We did get to lick some frosting off mommys cake!!! It was great timing because 'Nae had her ultrasound on Wednesday to see why she is so little. (she had to have her tummy shaved ~ she looks so naked now.) Everything all and all looked good but it looks like 'Nae maybe has a food allergy. That means special diet for ALL of us. No more human food for 'Nae and new perscription food for everybody, since it's hard to keep us out of each others dishes. The good news is that the new food we will be eating comes in stinky goodness form. that will ease the pain of this a little for us. We eat dry food mostly but STINKY GOODNESS ROCKS!!!!! we couldn't stand the thought of having to give that up now... even if it was for 'Nae's benefit. So, that's what's new in our world. = C.C.

Monday, August 25, 2008


Today is Mommy's birthday. Ya know what we did? We talked Grandma and Grandpa into taking us to her work and we put up signs and brought her flowers and cake and cards. 'Nae chewed the flowers but Grandma wouldn't let her into the cakes even though she cried. Grandma can totally see through it! Mommy called when she got to work to thank all of us and we sang Happy Birthday to her. We wanted to get a special gift for her but we spended our allowance already. Maybe C.C. will give Mommy breakfast in bed. HEHEHE! = the Kids

Friday, August 22, 2008

Great day to nap

Today was a quiet day. It rained so we couldn't go outside and play in the garden with mommy. We ate breakfast a little late and curled up with Mommy in bed most of the day. We watched Over the Hedge and snuggled on the pillows. We got vanilla pudding for lunch with our shrimp stinky goodness... what a great day!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

We're selling Mommy on EBAY - CHEAP!!!!

So.... I have decided to sell mommy on EBAY. 2 cans of stinky goodness and she can be yours. But wait.... if you act now, I'll throw in Grandma for free! Mommy decided it would be funny to dress me up in footie jammies. She doesn't seem to see my fur jammies!!!! What's worse is that she decided since i look so chubby (she means CUTE) in them that she had grandma hold me like that until she got the camera. I told 'Nae I was selling them both on EBAY & she asked who would open our stinky goodness 3 times a day. I said we still have Grandpa. And when Grandpa has to work we can use an electric can opener. (also available on EBAY). She seemed ok with the idea, so, Mommy's for sale! - C.C.
scroll down to see how CUTE (not chubby) I look in pj's.

Monday, August 18, 2008

what a warm welcome!!!!

Thank you all for making us feel all soft and squishy inside. You know - the kinda happy like when you sit on a hamster! (no offense to our new friend brownie). The food war continues and Mommy is LOOSING (the war and her mind). Last night we were havin' dinner and our sister Shadow went all kung fu on the plate that her food was on. the salmon stinky goodness hit the wall, the tv and 'Nae in the head. C.C. was nice enough to help clean me up. Anyway, Shadow didn't help so much. Mommy got out the paper towels and C.C. went kitty crack nuts!!!! Before Mom was done wiping the wall C.C. had tackled the paper towel roll. ANOTHER mess mommy had to clean up. Mommy really should think about the way she does things... we're almost 3 and still don't have her smarted up enough to handle us all together. (sidenote: this alone makes us proud that we outsmarts Mommy) She said her To Do list today includes plastic wrapping her bed and filing out a lost and found report for her mind. We're not gunna tell her we hid with the rest of our toys. It's more fun fer us to make her look fer her sanity!!!!! Thanks again to all of you for stopping by to meet us! = The Kids

Saturday, August 16, 2008

we share nicely

Today I was trying to eat my lunch and C.C. kept getting in my bowl. It's very imprtant that I get lots of food to gain weight so Mommy put it up on her bed to keep my sister out of MY bowl. After I was all done there was some left and Mommy left on the bed in case I came back. C.C. got up on Mommy's bed and started eating. Mommy was asleep so she didn't really care who was in the bowl. C.C. wanted to teach Mommy the importance of SHARING so she put her paw in the food (wet food - ocean fish & shrimp) then put it in Mommy's open mouth!!! Mommy woke up with a not so happy sound. She said things that she is very glad her almost 3 year olds can't repeat. C.C. was just sharing nicely as all family members should. I don't see what the big deal is since we lick food off Mommys finger all the time. Mommy called C.C. "monkey" most of the day since monkey see - monkey do! As for me... I just laughed then rolled over and went back to sleep. That will teach mommy to sleep with her mouth open. :) - 'Nae

A little more about us...

We'll be 3 years old September 28th. We live with our birth Mom Isabella, our Uncle Winston, 1 more sister - Shadow, Mommy, Grandma & Grandpa. We came as a suprise in 2005. Our Grandma adopted our real mom and we came along for the ride. No-one knew we were there until everybody fell in love with Isabella. Uncle Winston already lived in our house and,well, once our humans saw us.... it was love at first sight. We're a very busy troop as you will get to see. We've made up games and songs to keep ourselves entertained. Our mommy is hoping you'll fall in love with our cuteness just like she did. We're VERY new to blogging so please be patient with us as we get better!!! HERE WE GO INTO THE BLOGGING WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we're sorry we're late!!!

Our mommy just removed the parental control on her computer. Today starting a new kitty blog.... tomorrow, EBAY!
after that a nap. maybe spelling lessons too.