Wednesday, October 8, 2008

thanks fur helpin' us - we got it!

LOOKY WHAT KATIEZ KATZ GIVS TO US!!!! yep... it's our very first award!!!! we're feeling all warm and fuzzy inside like when you sit on a hamster. (no offense Brownie) Speaking of Brownie... you all have to go to his bloggy page. He has furry fun tunes. 'Nae loves the hamster dance song. You should have seen her tail swaying to the music. it's a wonderfull song. and and and Brownie has a song that mommy sings to us on there too. it's the "Fival song". you know, from American Tail. (Mommy said the title is Somewhere out There)... also please keep your paws crossed for Milky. It sounds like it won't be too much longer until he has a furever home right near Artsy Catsy where he wants to be. Lucky for his foster mommy he'll still be close and lucky for Rocky and the rest of them not too close (in the livin' room). not much happened in our world today essept we GOT OUR FIRST BLOGGY AWARD!!! it's wonderful Katz. THNKS. - C.C. & 'Nae

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Gandalf and Grayson said...

Hey! You figured out how to get your award posted! Aren't you feeling like an 'sperienced blogger now!?

Congratulations on your first award!