Wednesday, April 28, 2010

update on 'Nae

We're going to be trying vitamin B-12 shots and she is eating LOTS of tuna (packed in water). Since it's not something she has had before we felt it was safe to try. She's still very snuggly and playfull. It's hard to keep her out of the kitchen now. She actually hops into the fridge to be closer to her tuna fish. She's a goofy one - that girl!!! (like mother like daughter) Thank you all for your suggestions and purrs. We're so thankful for the support of the cb!

Jennifer, C.C. & 'Nae

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Small kitty needs your help!

Renae is losing weight again. She is now under 4 pounds (4 & 1/2 yrs old) and we're very worried about her. She has been on Science Diet ZD for food allergies for about a year and is now on Prednisone to see if part of the problem may be inflamed intestine (no signs showing up in tests run). We're running out of things to check for. She went through this about a year ago and her Thyroid and other usual blood tests came back good. She's had an ultrasound and that didn't show anything unusual. She is an indoor kitty and has had worm meds as a precaution but no signs of parasites were found. We're begging for ideas as to what to look at next for helping her. While our vet is fabulous, she too is getting frustrated not knowing how to help my little one. She has been searching the internet and calling other vets and the U of M to get suggestions. We all know the more minds - the better. Please, please post anything that may be useful for me to discuss with Dr. Vogel. We're willing to try anything to help 'Nae get a little bigger again. We'd love for her to be between 5 and 6 pounds again. Anything more is just a miracle past a blessing.

Thank you all in advance!
Jennifer, C.C. & 'Nae