Tuesday, December 8, 2009

we learned more stuff yesterday

We learned the fastest way to get kicked out of bed. We were in mommy's bed with her and she had a bad case of the stinkies. C.C., our resident litter swiffer, was kind ne BRAVE enough to go behind mommy and start swiffin' her butt. The first time mommy kinda laughed and told C.C. that she had done a good job and to go to sleep. The elevnty fifth time, Mommy said "out you go!" She carried C.C. into the hallway and went back to bed. 2 minutes later, when mommy got up to go to the giant litterbox, C.C. snuck back in to the bed. Mommy let her stay acuz C.C. cries when she's alone in the hall.

Giggles to this ~ C.C. & 'Nae

ps: Marty (see psychokitty Max's page) is doing well!!! yay to him!