Friday, October 31, 2008

typical day for us!

We had snow this week so we've been haning out by the windows waiting for more. the leaves blow by and that's kinda neat. Mommy let us go outside and play today since it was nice and warm. She said we won't get many more days like today. Does outside go away when it snows? sometimes it looks like it but it always comes back. Right? Mommy was cross stitching again today and after 'Nae was done playing with the stringy she laid down on mommy's lap. Mommy kept telling her to stop fluffing. (girls don't fart... we fluff. WE'RE FLUFFY!!!) anyway, I tried to tell mommy that 'Nae was just blowing stinky kisses out of love. Mommy didn't understand me. Don't they listen to us kitties???? we speak VERY CLEARLY. Mommy finally took 'Nae to the litter box to see if she'd poop. Mommy should know - we can't make rainbows on demand. mommy stood there staring at 'Nae. 'Nae stared at mommy. I swiffed around the box. Nothing. 'Nae got out and no sooner did mommy leave the room. 'Nae pooped... in mommy's shoe. can't make a horse drink... can't make a kitty poop while you're watching. = C.C.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

victims of our own cuteness!!!!

it's official...we're hiding! Mommy is so in love wif our cuteness that we've had to find new spots to hide. Me, I hide in the lamp. Mommy will never find me here & C.C., she is hidin' in the stuffed animal basket. I told her it was a bad idea since Mommy already thinks we're toys. She says we're soft and squishy just like stuffed animals so we must be. she said something about walkin' like a duck. We just stare at her acuz it confusies us. we don't quack & waddle. Shadow waddles... maybe she's a duck. we'll hafta look it up in the interwebs. any suggestions for mommy-proof hiding spots is warmly welcomed! thanks furiends. = 'Nae

Thursday, October 16, 2008

OTD...obsessive TUMMY disorder

Does anyone else in the blogosphere have a mommy with OTD??? everytime she walks past us she just gotta love on our tummies. Today, I was napping with mommy and she fell asleep rubbin' my tummy. (i fell asleep, too, because of tummy rubs but that's not the point) And when I got up to go get a snack and drink of water, what did ask me? "going to fill your tummy?" then I came back and she said "now you have a full tummy. go night night." And poor 'Nae... Mommy is always holdin' her like a tiny sticky person and rubbin' her tummy. It's gotted to when Mommy walks near us we HASTA roll over so she can pet our tummies. We think she'd cry if we didn't do this for her. Mommy has ISSUES!!!! does anyone have suggestions on how to not be her enabler? - C.C.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Mommy is thankful for us!

today mommy had to help her friend try to give medicine to her cat. Mommy got what she calls a vampire kiss. You should see mommy's arm. it's an icky bitey. Mommy came home and gived us kitty yummies and lots more loven than normal. she said she is SO thankful that we are cooperative about medicine. (SIDENOTE: we appologize to all kitties everywhere 'bout this. we know we should at least fight a little.) Mommy is really gentile with us and huggles us in a blankie and pets us when she gives us medicines. sometimes we even give her eye kisses. you know, those long blinks that say i love you mommy. & she gives them back! Since mommy always huggles us in blankies and holds us like small sticky things we are used to it so we don't think it's scary. Poor Dolly. (that's the other sick kitty) she got so scared. we wish she knew mommy like we do. ON AN UP NOTE!!!! we figured out the translation page for Brownie's bloggy... he's really something neat & he has new pictures with a woofy. Still no update on Mr. Milky @ Artsy Catsy so keep purring. LATER EVERYBODY = C.C. & 'Nae

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

thanks fur helpin' us - we got it!

LOOKY WHAT KATIEZ KATZ GIVS TO US!!!! yep... it's our very first award!!!! we're feeling all warm and fuzzy inside like when you sit on a hamster. (no offense Brownie) Speaking of Brownie... you all have to go to his bloggy page. He has furry fun tunes. 'Nae loves the hamster dance song. You should have seen her tail swaying to the music. it's a wonderfull song. and and and Brownie has a song that mommy sings to us on there too. it's the "Fival song". you know, from American Tail. (Mommy said the title is Somewhere out There)... also please keep your paws crossed for Milky. It sounds like it won't be too much longer until he has a furever home right near Artsy Catsy where he wants to be. Lucky for his foster mommy he'll still be close and lucky for Rocky and the rest of them not too close (in the livin' room). not much happened in our world today essept we GOT OUR FIRST BLOGGY AWARD!!! it's wonderful Katz. THNKS. - C.C. & 'Nae

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

please help... we're confusied!

Katie and da Katz got us a prize for our bloggie but we don't know how to get it. please help us not feel like our mom feels when she's awake.

THANK YOUS! = C.C. & 'Nae


First of all, thank you all so much for the warm greetings.
We are looking furward to visiting each of you!!! Second, Grandma and Grandpa got a treadmill. So far we're the only ones to use it. Shadow spends lots of time on it and as you can see... she needs it. She is feeling the burn!!!!! hahahaha Mommy thinks it's furry funny that Shadow doesn't know that it has to be turned on for it to work. (mommy doesn't turn it on either - she just looks at it) Does NIKE make running shoes for kitties? we'll have to look into that. Threed, Mommy bought grandma and grandpa a new bed with a pillow top on Sunday and on Monday we ALL tested it to make sure it was ok for them. It passed our inspekshun. It has this neet thingy that makes it all warm were our bodies go. IT'S WONDERFUL. so again, thanks fur your "hi's" & we'll be by soon to say hi to you!!! = C.C. & 'Nae!