Friday, August 20, 2010

Nae's Day

Today after I helped myself to breakfast, I took a great nap. See my cheeks? Both sets look full. Mommy just stared at me while I napped. She got lost in my little heart shaped nose and peacful purrs. She petted me and fell asleep herself. I wonder, is loving a kitty the most relaxing thing in the world or what?!?! She should toss the thunderstorm cd she sleeps to and get a purr soundtrack! just sayin'. That's all. It was just a good day.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Great News!!!

Friday 'Nae had her 1 month check up. She broke 5 pounds!!! 5.3 pounds to be exact! Mommy knew inside that it was going to be big, so we stopped @ the store and got a little cake and had the bakery people write "yay 'Nae" on it. We got mixed fruit and plates and forks and headed for the vet. We got there and I hopped up on the scale and mommy and the vet tech both woo-hooed me!!! Lindsay - the vet tech went to get the others and Dr. Vogel so they could all bask in the cuteness of what is now my slightly pudgy tummy. Who knew 5 pounds would be so exciting, let alone "pudgy"? My ribs are hiding under my fluff and my tummy is starting to round out!!! It's a milestone! I weigh in again next month & continue B-12 shots. My prednisone is 1/2 a pill daily now. We're all so thankful to share this wonderful news with you. I can't wait to see how they react if I ever get to be a really big girl! Mommy said if I hit 6 pounds, she's taking the vet staff out for lunch! They've all been so good to us. My family loves them very much. I love them too.