Wednesday, July 29, 2009


If this kitty were a fat tortie..... Good for a glimpse into our life! ~ 'Nae

Monday, July 27, 2009

My tail IS beautiful!!!

Today, no matter where I was, Mommy said my handle was in the way. This morning I was laying on her chest and swooshing my handle back and forth. Is it my fault her face was there? Later, she was on the computer and my tail was between her and the screen. She pushed it down, then it was between her fat fingers and the letters. She was making lunch (tuna sandwich & I got bites) and my tail got into that too. She washed my tail off and said it was just a bother today. Later, we were watching TV and my handle was question marked in front of the TV. She said my tail was cute but she really wanted to see the whole picture. I stretched my butt into the air as high as I could get it and she tossed a mousie at my butt. So, there I stood to prove a point. MY TAIL IS BEAUTIFULLER THAN THE TV PICTURE!!!! ~ 'Nae.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Powers out!!!!

SO ~ What to do? What to do? We started wif a square dance on mommy's bladder. She said to play somewhere else. We played a spirited game of Heard of Thundering Wilderbeast through the Serengeti. We played wif the flashlights and our lazer toy!!!! We had a sing-along. We telled eachother ghost stories and played WWF!!! It was the busiest hours of our lives!!!! Glad the computer is back up so we can surf and blog our funs!!!!

~ C.C. & 'Nae ~

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Yahoo news. humff

Have any of you let your moms and dads read yesterday's Yahoo "news". There is an article that says some people did a study and found out that cats own people. DUH!!! We knew that. How did it take the peoples so long to figure it out? When we are on the chair, mom sits somewhere else. When we want her food, she shares. When we want OUR food.... she best be jumping to make sure it's a full bowl or 'Nae dances on her until she gets up. Kitties have owned mommies and daddies for squillions of years. This just proves that our hoomins aren't as smart as we give them generous credit for being. They have to "study" to know what we know from birth! sheesh. the link (if we did it right is below)

Another busy weekend @ our house.

Friday was this thing called Relay for Life. We stayed home acuz kitties don't have an overpowering urge to walk in circles for hours on end. We did however buy mommy luminaries. She survived cancer (mostly acuz of us). We are so very proud of her. Saturday when mommy and grandma got home we all stayed in bed and snuggled. 'Nae watched Over the Hedge eleventyfive hundered times. Sunday, Mommy worked late and brought home chicken for lunch. IT WAS WONDERFUL!!!! Even 'Nae sneeked some bites. It doesn't sound like we did alot but as you know. Kitties never get full credit for all their contributions.

C.C. & 'Nae

Saturday, July 4, 2009

IT'S OFFICIAL..... We're the WORST bloggers.

2 months has gone by since Mommy said we need to blog. She said we're big kitties now that we are 3 years old and shouldn't *need* reminding. We'll clearly, that's not true. When you let 3 year olds in the computer they hit the EBAY then their friends bloggies then CATTV.COM where we spend the rest of the day watching the butterfly go around the screen. Any responsible parent knows that you need to monitor your kids activities on the computer. There are bad things in here - like other kitties that want to take over the world and Max (the Psychokitty) that knows he already owns the world and is telling younger kitties how to become GODS!!! Well, anyway.... we're very sorry it has been this long and we will try to check OUR bloggie before getting on CATTV.COM. AND we will tell Mommy to be a more responsible parent. LOTSALUV.... C.C & 'Nae!