Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Yahoo news. humff

Have any of you let your moms and dads read yesterday's Yahoo "news". There is an article that says some people did a study and found out that cats own people. DUH!!! We knew that. How did it take the peoples so long to figure it out? When we are on the chair, mom sits somewhere else. When we want her food, she shares. When we want OUR food.... she best be jumping to make sure it's a full bowl or 'Nae dances on her until she gets up. Kitties have owned mommies and daddies for squillions of years. This just proves that our hoomins aren't as smart as we give them generous credit for being. They have to "study" to know what we know from birth! sheesh. the link (if we did it right is below)


The Crew said...

Good grief...every cat ever born knows this!! Humans are slow. We must pity them.


Jan's Funny Farm said...

Just goes to show how far behind us these humans are.