Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A tail has a mind of its own!

Sweet dreams often lead to twitching tails. Today I was all curled up on my most specialist pillow and I was dreaming so much my tail thwapped me in the face. I woke and yelled at it. My tail curled up at the end so I put my paw on it and hissed at it! Problem solved and I closed my little eyes to try to go back to sleep. Mommy's laughing kept me awake for a few minutes. Mom may be laughin' at me but my tail knows I mean business!!!

~ Nae.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Oops! we've been lazy

This summer heat wave has made us SO lazy!!! We haven't been on the computer @ all in 2 weeks. We just move from one comfy spot to the next and do nothing. Not that that is any different from any other time of year though. Great gramma gave mommy her birthday present early this year. It's a window ledge bench / perch for US! It has a soft wooly cover and is great for watching the bird house right in front of the window. Things have been really good for us. Mommy and Grandma go to the farmers market and buy great meat for us to nom on. Hopefully all is well for you kitties in blogland!

C.C. & 'Nae
PS: Angel & Kirby, we hopes with all our fuzzies you are in a nice cool place w/ your mom and not being too bothered by the heat. Be well!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

C.C.'s day inside

Stupid MN. 8 months we get snow & now it's too hot to go outside. Mommy said today was too hot to go outside in our furry jammies. She was worried about us burning our toes on the hot concrete so it was a day spent inside the house with the a/c on! Not a bad day!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

The sun is back!

We spent about an hour outside yesterday in the nice weather while Grandma was in the garden. 'Nae found a red strawberry smaller than a nickle. She chomped it & liked it. C.C. found a warm spot on the steps and never went near the garden. She missed out. 'Nae also rolled around on the sidewalk and explored the new plants. She also chased pine cones around. Busy day in the jungle that is our front yard!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

T.G.F. Grandma's

It's been thundering ALOT were we live and while 'Nae stands in the window telling the thunder exactly what she thinks of it, C.C. is curled up tight next to mommy and grandma. Mommy is great during the day but at night when mommy goes to work, Grandma takes over protection duties. Grandma even shares her soft purple blankie with them. Poor C.C. just shakes when the thunder snaps and grandma just pulls her close and talks softly to her and rubs her head & tummy. God Bless Grandmas.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

YAY for 'NAE again!

So, dispite having a pretty relaxing weekend, there was concern for Monday's vet appointment. When we went on Friday for Nae's (now monthly) vitamin B shot, she weighed in a pound less than in May. Very concerned by this we booked an appointment for Monday and went to get tests started again to see why she had lost weight. No one at home had noticed any changes in her so we were even more concerned by that. Weighing only 7.5 pounds to start, you think we would have noticed such a large amount of 'Nae missing. Anyway, we showed up at the vet and dropped 'Nae off to begin her day of medical testing and blood draws. I was not even back in the driveway yet when I get a call from the vet tech. "Good news! Come get her!" What? I was confused. 'Nae was weighed on all 3 scales and 7.5 pounds was the verdict each time. I asked how it was possible that she gained back her unnoticable lost pound in only 3 days. It seems 'Nae had her foot off the back side of the scale boosting herself up a bit and being weighed only once on Friday - it went unnoticed by me or the tech. On the way back to get 'Nae I stopped and got a fruit tray to celebrate that I was picking up a healthy baby girl & to say thank you for their concern about her (not to mention I saved $200+ on lab tests that weren't needed). I love our vet staff! We are so blessed to have them.

Lighter than 'Nae today - the mommy!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunny with a chance of naps!

It's been so beautiful in MN! It's about 65-70* and sunny. Mommy bought a new orthopedic foam fuzzy liner mat for in the carrier for 'Nae for when she has to go to the vet so we've been laying on it in the sunny spot. We've got to make sure it smells like home and is up to our high standards of comfyness!!! It's wonderful! Now - we just have to get one for when we go outside and lay around in the yard. Grass is comfy, but this mat is way soft! YAWN ~ headed back to the spot by the window and waiting for the sun to come up and warm our fuzzy mat.