Tuesday, June 14, 2011

YAY for 'NAE again!

So, dispite having a pretty relaxing weekend, there was concern for Monday's vet appointment. When we went on Friday for Nae's (now monthly) vitamin B shot, she weighed in a pound less than in May. Very concerned by this we booked an appointment for Monday and went to get tests started again to see why she had lost weight. No one at home had noticed any changes in her so we were even more concerned by that. Weighing only 7.5 pounds to start, you think we would have noticed such a large amount of 'Nae missing. Anyway, we showed up at the vet and dropped 'Nae off to begin her day of medical testing and blood draws. I was not even back in the driveway yet when I get a call from the vet tech. "Good news! Come get her!" What? I was confused. 'Nae was weighed on all 3 scales and 7.5 pounds was the verdict each time. I asked how it was possible that she gained back her unnoticable lost pound in only 3 days. It seems 'Nae had her foot off the back side of the scale boosting herself up a bit and being weighed only once on Friday - it went unnoticed by me or the tech. On the way back to get 'Nae I stopped and got a fruit tray to celebrate that I was picking up a healthy baby girl & to say thank you for their concern about her (not to mention I saved $200+ on lab tests that weren't needed). I love our vet staff! We are so blessed to have them.

Lighter than 'Nae today - the mommy!

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Angel and Kirby said...

THey usually weigh Kirby on three scales just to prove that he has gained weight on diet cat food!

WE are so happy that Nae did not have to go through all the testing!