Tuesday, October 21, 2008

victims of our own cuteness!!!!

it's official...we're hiding! Mommy is so in love wif our cuteness that we've had to find new spots to hide. Me, I hide in the lamp. Mommy will never find me here & C.C., she is hidin' in the stuffed animal basket. I told her it was a bad idea since Mommy already thinks we're toys. She says we're soft and squishy just like stuffed animals so we must be. she said something about walkin' like a duck. We just stare at her acuz it confusies us. we don't quack & waddle. Shadow waddles... maybe she's a duck. we'll hafta look it up in the interwebs. any suggestions for mommy-proof hiding spots is warmly welcomed! thanks furiends. = 'Nae

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