Monday, September 8, 2008

LDA ??? (Laser Dot Anonymous)

Mommy decided that we need a local chapter of Laser Dot Toy Anonymous. C.C. knows where mommy keeps the toy and goes and gets it all by herself and brings it to mommy when she wants to play. Today she kept bringing the toy to mommy and we ALL played for a long time. Mommy was trying to sleep but since it doesn't take any energy to hold the button, she played with us. It was AWESOME.... C.C. spinnies in circles so fast she falls down and Shadow falled off the edge of the bed 'cuz she was bouncing around. After mommy said no more now, C.C. kept racing around looking for the dot. - SHE'S ADDICTED! Mommy had to hide the toy so C.C. couldn't get it. C.C.'s really smart though and knew where mommy put it but couldn't get the drawer open. She tried very hard though. Can't wait to play again tomorrow. - 'Nae

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