Wednesday, September 10, 2008

another busy day!

Today was a good day for C.C. She got locked in the bathroom by Grandma accidentally cuz she hided in the bathtub. After Grandma left C.C. came out and she eated 4 rolls of toilet paper! Mommy laughed and said the bathroom looked like the Charmin plant exploded. This kinda surprised us cuz we didn't know tp grew on plants. Grandma should put that in the garden! And for me... I got to sneaks some roast beef out of mommys sandwich. Mommy had to go to the bathroom and forgot to take her sandwich with her. This left it WIDE open for me to sneaks. When she came back I was going to town! I've been on special food and nobody giveses me people food anymore so I jumped at the chance. Like our friend Jake @ the misadventures of me, I had ::SPRINGS IN MY FEET:: ~ 'Nae

1 comment:

Katie and Da Katz said...

U eeted toilet papur? dats furry funnee. maybee uz jus doin origamees?

luvs, Bootsie Woo n da Katie Katz Gang!