Monday, September 1, 2008

glad we don't have a woofy

I'm SSSSOOOOOO glad we don't have a woofy cuz I'd be in his house. Tonight I got up on the drawers where 'Nae's special food is and tipped them over. Food GOED EVERYWHERE. Mommy said my new name for the night is "MUD" and that I'm in the woofy house. this confused me a little cuz we don't got a woofy - that means no woofy house. right? this makes me wonder if mommy got hit in the head with the food dish when it fell down. Some stinky goodness and lots of dry food spilled onto the bed, the floor, Shadow... Oh - did I mention stinky goodness landed on mommys clean folded clothes? I was trying SO hard to be good and stay out of the way while she was cleaning it up (after she shaked her pokey finger @ me for trying to catch the paper towels) that I went and laid on the clothes. Might as well put fur back on them since the stupid dryer takes it all off right? Anyway... Mommy came over to pet me and tell me she would forgive me by morning if I minded my peas and cues. (again I am confused so I just stare @ her) That's when she spotted it - it didn't help that i had some on my nose when i stretched up to kiss her. Oops. It seems I smoosheded it in to the shirts. now mommy has to do laundry again. If anyone talks to mommy, please tell her you read my bloggy & that I'm VERY VERY VERY sorry.*burp* - C.C.
back to finishing cleaning up the dry food.

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Chesney Cats said...

Awww C.C., it's not your're a cat for goodness sakes!! Your mommy should know that it's just the way cats are.
You had to check out the food, it's her fault that it fell over...she should have put the foods on something more stable.
You can come & stay with us if you want, until your mommy gets over being mad.

Hugs & Purrs,
Sammy, Festus & Emma