Tuesday, September 9, 2008

more good news!

The vet called mommy today and 'Nae's tests came back very good. She is still pretty convinced it's nothing more than a food allergy. 'Nae goes to get her wait checked in 2 weeks again to see if she's gaining. Mommy is mad because her vet never tells her she needs to gain weight. That got me thinking. MY vet doesn't say that to me either. She says I'm a little on the big side but not bad. SHE THINKS I'M FAT - doesn't she? At least it's not as bad as Shadow - she got put on a workout plan. Mommy carries her down the driveway and she waddles back up. Actually, they both do. :) Then, mommy carries her back down the driveway and they both whine the whole way up the second time. Mommy's pain makes me giggle while I lay on the steps and watch her and Shadow feel the burn! = C.C.

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