Thursday, December 4, 2008

we got new toys

Mommy has been working with Camp Companion the last few days trying to find kitties furever homes before Christmas. She has been spending LOTS of time at PetSmart near all the kitty toys. Guess what!!! She bringed some home! toys - not kitties. Mommy smells like other kitties when she comes home but she told us we're her favorites. She snuggles us so tight and tells us how happy she is that we're her furever kids. Mommy says it's fun to meet the other kitties and play with them but we know they can't be better than us acuz she always comes home to us. We feel bad for the kitties at PetSmart. They have to live in cages and they only get to play and cuddle sometimes. Mommy says they have beds and toys but not enough to go around. And for people... there's never enough to go around for all the kitties. Mommy says they are all so sweet and friendly, she hopes they get homes or moneys for new toys for Christmas. The kitties she is helping don't even have a Christmas tree with presents to play with. Can you imagine how sad they must be? = C.C. & 'Nae

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