Monday, August 25, 2008


Today is Mommy's birthday. Ya know what we did? We talked Grandma and Grandpa into taking us to her work and we put up signs and brought her flowers and cake and cards. 'Nae chewed the flowers but Grandma wouldn't let her into the cakes even though she cried. Grandma can totally see through it! Mommy called when she got to work to thank all of us and we sang Happy Birthday to her. We wanted to get a special gift for her but we spended our allowance already. Maybe C.C. will give Mommy breakfast in bed. HEHEHE! = the Kids

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Renae & Count Chocula said...

Thank you, my little furry angels. The roses are beautiful. (teeth marks and all).
'Nae - mommy will let you lick a little bit of frosting.
C.C. - please don't feed mommy again, a nice snuggle will be good.
It's going to be a wonderful birthday!
~ the Mommy~