Monday, August 18, 2008

what a warm welcome!!!!

Thank you all for making us feel all soft and squishy inside. You know - the kinda happy like when you sit on a hamster! (no offense to our new friend brownie). The food war continues and Mommy is LOOSING (the war and her mind). Last night we were havin' dinner and our sister Shadow went all kung fu on the plate that her food was on. the salmon stinky goodness hit the wall, the tv and 'Nae in the head. C.C. was nice enough to help clean me up. Anyway, Shadow didn't help so much. Mommy got out the paper towels and C.C. went kitty crack nuts!!!! Before Mom was done wiping the wall C.C. had tackled the paper towel roll. ANOTHER mess mommy had to clean up. Mommy really should think about the way she does things... we're almost 3 and still don't have her smarted up enough to handle us all together. (sidenote: this alone makes us proud that we outsmarts Mommy) She said her To Do list today includes plastic wrapping her bed and filing out a lost and found report for her mind. We're not gunna tell her we hid with the rest of our toys. It's more fun fer us to make her look fer her sanity!!!!! Thanks again to all of you for stopping by to meet us! = The Kids


Artsy Catsy said...

Oh, Nae & C.C., it's so great to see you and wonderful to have you in the Cat Blogosphere! We've added you to our blogroll and can't wait to become good friends!

Rocky & the Artsy Catsy staff

P.S. Mr. Milky says thank you again - he's feeling MUCH better.

Kelly Cat said...

Wow, you guys sure have fun at your house! Still, even though it's fun to outsmart the humans, remember that it's not *that* difficult. (I know because I do it to my human all the time!)

momsbusy said...

sounds like yu hafs a great time at yur house. do yu think yur mom will efre find her sanity???