Saturday, August 16, 2008

we share nicely

Today I was trying to eat my lunch and C.C. kept getting in my bowl. It's very imprtant that I get lots of food to gain weight so Mommy put it up on her bed to keep my sister out of MY bowl. After I was all done there was some left and Mommy left on the bed in case I came back. C.C. got up on Mommy's bed and started eating. Mommy was asleep so she didn't really care who was in the bowl. C.C. wanted to teach Mommy the importance of SHARING so she put her paw in the food (wet food - ocean fish & shrimp) then put it in Mommy's open mouth!!! Mommy woke up with a not so happy sound. She said things that she is very glad her almost 3 year olds can't repeat. C.C. was just sharing nicely as all family members should. I don't see what the big deal is since we lick food off Mommys finger all the time. Mommy called C.C. "monkey" most of the day since monkey see - monkey do! As for me... I just laughed then rolled over and went back to sleep. That will teach mommy to sleep with her mouth open. :) - 'Nae


Cats~Goats~Quotes said...

Hi and welcome!
We saw you were new at The Cat Blogospere and wanted to come by and say Hi!!

Looking forward to meeting everyfur!
Happy Sunday!
~ Maggie Mae

ZOOLATRY said...

Hello toddlers and welcome! It'll be nice to get to know all of you.
Catually, we are about to go on a "blog-break"... but we'll be back to visit a bit later on. You can visit with us anytime you'd like!

Gandalf and Grayson said...

Welcome to the Cat Blogosphere! We're looking forward to getting to know you all much better!

Brownie said...

Welcome to the blogging world, I'm Brownie the Hamster :) Always a pleasure to meet noo frendz!

Mickey said...

Welcome to blogging!!!!!!!!!!!! We hope you have lots of fun :)
We laffed & laffed when CC put the food in your Mom's mouth :o hahahahahahahahahaha
See ya again ;)
Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

Chesney Cats said...

Hi. We've only been blogging a little over a week, but we can tell you that this is the most loving place to be. It's like one big happy, helpful family.
Glad you could join us....Happy blogging!!!

Hugs & Purrs,

THE ZOO said...

Hi nise ta meet yall.

itz bery gud ta lern sharin. sharin means carin after all.

ML said...

KC said...
Hi there, i's posted yours blog on tha Cat Blogosphere. You's can get a badge fur your bloggie, if you needs any help, just holler. Or email. hee hee.
Love and purrs,

ML said...

Do I see a potential member of the Tough A#s Torties group... looks precious.
You must join Deb's TATA group -- Tough A#s Tortie Association.

Angel Cake said...

Welcome to the Cat loves it here,and I iz sure you will too


momsbusy said...

welcome to the cat blogosphere!! sounds like you have alot going on at your home. can't wait to see what games (aka trouble) you play everyday.

yuki, kimiko & kintaro (aka y2k)

Shadow / Molly said...

Hello! Welcome to CB. We hope you like it here as much as we do. There are so many fun and great beans and furrys here. We hope to hear more from you.

Alexi said...

Welcome to the Blogosphere. We're looking forward to learning more about you. Come visit us at the Castle!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Hehehe...did yoor mom not find yoor stinky goodness tasty? Welcome to da Cat Blogosphere it is furry nice to meetcha! Dis is a furry nice place wif lots of wunnerful frends.

Cat-a-holic, Laila and Minchie said...

Hi you cute little newbies and welcome to the cat blogosphere! Don't worry, all of us once were new to cat blogging but you will find it very addicting and you'll be hooked!

Keep up the good work!

Laila and Minchie

Furkidsmom said...

Welcome to the Cat Blogosphere! We think your story about your Mom and the Stinky Goodness is pretty funny! We might try that with our Mom some day!

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

Derby said...

Hello you two and welcome to the Cat Blogosphere. I hope you makes lots of good furiends and have fun. Drop by and visit sometime.

cyclone cats! said...

Welcome to the CB!
You'll love it.
You'll meet lots and lots of new furriends.
you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll have tons of fun

Purrs from Iowa-
The Cyclone Cats
and Conner Cloud

Come visit!

The Cat Realm said...

Welcome to the Cat Blogophere. It is very nice meeting you and we hope you'll like the CB as much as we do! It is a wonderful and magical place!
The Cat Realm

Sweet Praline said...

Hi and welcome to the cat blog. My mom has been out of town, but I have been trying to keep up the blog. She will be back tomorrow. Please feel free to come and visit.


Moki said...

Hehe...we think your mommie sounds very ungrateful for your nice little surprise!

Willie said...

Welcome to the Cat Blogospheer, it's a lot of fun here,you'll love and we are glad to have you in our little piece of the innernets.


Karen Jo said...

Welcome to the Cat Blogosphere. It's a great place. I laughed and laughed at the way CC shared Stinky Goodness with the Mom.

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

ha ha ha this is great! i love this whole story. especially the part where you're supposed to GAIN weight. that is cool.

my evil alter ego Bendrix (i'm an only kitty, but share my body with an evil alter...) loves that you "shared" with your mommy and then made her say bad words. he wants to try that.

i hope you will stop by and visit me!!

Kelly Cat said...

Gee, C.C., ocean fish and shrimp sounds pretty good to me. And you say your Mommy didn't like it? Oh well, that just means there's more food for the cats, I suppose.