Friday, August 29, 2008

Little update on 'Nae

We did get to lick some frosting off mommys cake!!! It was great timing because 'Nae had her ultrasound on Wednesday to see why she is so little. (she had to have her tummy shaved ~ she looks so naked now.) Everything all and all looked good but it looks like 'Nae maybe has a food allergy. That means special diet for ALL of us. No more human food for 'Nae and new perscription food for everybody, since it's hard to keep us out of each others dishes. The good news is that the new food we will be eating comes in stinky goodness form. that will ease the pain of this a little for us. We eat dry food mostly but STINKY GOODNESS ROCKS!!!!! we couldn't stand the thought of having to give that up now... even if it was for 'Nae's benefit. So, that's what's new in our world. = C.C.

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