Monday, April 27, 2009

I'm so happy!

Today Grandma took the last roll of tiolet paper out of the plastic thingy. I hurried in there!!! I love pretending I'm Charmin. I'm squeezably soft. Mommy said I could play with it for a few days before it has to go in the garbage. Now everytime someone goes into the bathroom I head straight for the toilet paper bag. Usually I head for the air blowy thing on the wall or into the sink or bathtub. I really love all the fun things in the bathroom!!! ~~ C.C.


Leia said...

Oh dear! I visited so many kitty blogs and left my link, only to discover that I needed to CHANGE my blog location! If you have been kind enough to link me, please adjust it for me. If you have not linked me yet, I would love it if you would!

Do let me know if you link me so that I can link you as well!

Many Thanks!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

We figure by now the toilet paper has been replaced a few dozen times. Are you still playing with it?