Wednesday, March 25, 2009

'Nae got a bath!!!!

The day started out like all good days do. We got food. Then mommy went out with grandma and grandpa. When they came back Shadow snuck outside. How sad is it that 20+ pound 3 inch legs Shadow out ran our 3 humans? We realize she spends ALOT of time on the treadmill but she's just napping. Anyway, since it was nice out, mommy let all of us go out. I stayed on the steps and soaked up warm from the sun. 'Nae wasn't that smart. Actually - Mommy wasn't smart enough to stop 'Nae. GUESS WHO FOUND THE FLOWER BED? with no flowers in it and meltyd snow it's just mud. Now here's where we find out how slow mommy is to learn. As we have mentioned before, we are enablers for mommys tummy obsession. Instead of calling 'Nae (who comes when called about 95% of the time) Mommy went to get her. So - picture this - Mommy and 'Nae in the mud bed. 'Nae rolled over for a tummy rub. She went from grey to brown and gooey fast. Then mommy tried to pick her up and the chase was on!!! it was too nice having outside back to go in so fast. Mommy caught 'Nae and realized (probably by our laughter) that the rest of us were still outside. Mommy had to let 'Nae go so she could get the rest of us in the house first. She said she didn't want "miss muddy butt" running around in there. We all went in the house, 'Nae went back to the mud for a second coating. Mommy brought her in holding 'Nae like a dirty diaper. Next thing we heard was plunk splash and naughty words. It seams wet, muddy 'Nae got out of the tub. Finally, mommy got the bubbles in there and 'Nae's ducky and all was fine. 'Nae ate bubbles and batted her ducky around. She smells better now too. Hopefully this taught Mommy to watch 'Nae a little closer, now that outside is back. Hopefully, 'Nae learns to run faster. ~~ C.C.

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