Saturday, March 14, 2009

WOW - It's been too long.

Thanks to Jan & the Funnies for your concern. We are all doing ok. Mommy and Grandma & Grandpa went to Florida & when they got home Mommy went to the hospital for a couple days acuz of a bug. She said it's a flu bug, but essept for ants - all bugs flu. That's what makes 'em so hard to catch. Mommy has been spring cleaning. We've been helping. We fit in the places that the sucky monster can't fit so we are collecting dust bunnies for mommy. She says we could use our tails to dust the high places she can't reach. We think she should raise our allowance. Negotiations are in progress. We've been quite busy guarding the closet. The Easter Bunny was in there. Mommy said the Peeps are for Grandma & Grandpa, but we know they would want US to have them. Peeps are the fun things you lick and let stick to the hard wood floor. They also make pretty funfetti when we fight over them. We're trying to be good so the Easter Bunny will come out of the closet and play with us. It won't be too much longer and our yard will be back. The snow takes outside away for MONTHS were we live. We've been patiently waiting by the window watching for it to come back. Mommy said when the mud is dry we can go out to play. Mud sounds fun and since it's been warm the last couple of days we might just sneak out to see if outside really is back!!!! We promise not to go so long without letting you all know what's new in our daily lives. Thanks again for your care. - C.C. & 'Nae

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